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Already in the 1980’s Rolf Händler visited us at our gallery, whenever he had the opportunity to be in „the West“. We had a good relationship, which turned into a close friendship over the years. We admired his artworks very much which were exhibited in many exhibitions in East as well as in West Germany. Some of his smaller paintings are part of our private collection.
When visiting Rolf and Ute Händler at their home in Berlin-Karow, one gets the impression that his house and his beautifully designed garden are kind of a universal artwork. It has a really charming atmosphere and seems to be like a prelude to the visit of his spacious studio. Standing in the studio of Rolf Händler the visitor is overwhelmed to discover such a rich and diverse oeuvre. It is noticeable that his artworks, no matter how big or small they are, are not fast-painted in a routine manner but intensively and with greatest care. The big number of paintings is an evidence for the tireless hard work of the artist. It was Adolf Menzel who probably said: „Genius is hard work“. While viewing paintings by Händler one is immediately impressed by their very special magic. For a long time we didn’t plan to do an exhibition of the artworks by Rolf Händler at our gallery because they were shown many times and often also at prestigious venues.  And additionaly our gallery is focused on art of the 1920’s. In his last important solo exhibition mainly big sized oil paintings were shown. It took place in 2008 in Berlin on the occasion of the Expressionale at Potsdamer Platz. The 37 paintings by Rolf Händler were very well presented and they were all depicted in a catalogue in full-page, coloured illustrations. It was also a commercial success which unfortunately ended with the sudden crash of the organizers in a momentous bankruptcy, leaving a very bitter aftertaste.

            Now it is time for us to show not only our friendship with the artist but also our admiration for his artworks. Our exhibition should be an opportunity for his friends and as many art lovers as possible to enjoy his paintings. With their expressive realism and power they are far away from the fashionable waves that inundate current exhibitions and the art market.

Berlin in September 2011                                                                                  Florian Karsch