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The Nierendorf brothers, Karl Nierendorf (18.4.1889 – 25.10.1947) and Josef Nierendorf (19.8.1898 – 21.6.1949), start in Cologne with art trade and exhibitions: „Nierendorf Köln Neue Kunst“.


Karl Nierendorf takes over the „Graphische Kabinett“ of J. B. Neumann in Berlin.


Josef Nierendorf relocates the gallery for one year from Cologne to Düsseldorf. Karl Nierendorf establishes the gallery „Neumann-Nierendorf GmbH“ in Berlin and manages the gallery from 1926 to 1933 under this name together with his brother Josef.


In September the reorganisation of the gallery to „Galerie Nierendorf GmbH“ takes place.


In May Karl Nierendorf travels to the USA and sets up the „Nierendorf gallery“ in New York in 1937 while Josef Nierendorf manages the gallery in Berlin by himself.


Josef Nierendorf can organise exhibitions only until summer. He is given notice to quit the rooms. Karl Nierendorf organises exhibitions with German artists in New York.


Josef Nierendorf stores the stocks of the Berlin gallery in a small shop. At the outbreak of World War II he is called up to the „Wehrmacht“ and therefore cancels the registration of his business. Karl Nierendorf manages his gallery in New York until 1946 with increasing success and acquires American citizenship.


Karl Nierendorf travels to Germany and other European countries while his gallery is run by his employee.


Karl Nierendorf died without making a last will and testament and because there  were only German heirs, his gallery is closed and his estate is confiscated by the state of New York.


Already in January the Guggenheim Museum buys the whole estate of Karl Nierendorf for $ 72.000,--, including more than 150 works of art by Paul Klee. The German heirs do not receive anything, because the whole proceeds are balanced with liabilities and administrative costs.


Josef Nierendorf intends to start again with art trade in one of the rooms of the bookshop of his wife in Berlin, but he dies on June 21, 1949.


Florian Karsch, the stepson of Josef Nierendorf sets up the gallery „Galerie Meta Nierendorf“ under the name of his mother, together with Inge Loewe, his future wife. According to the idea of Josef Nierendorf he starts to trade in works of art and to organise exhibitions on a regular basis in a small room of the bookstore.


Florian Karsch, the manager of the gallery, rents new rooms in the house of „Hardenbergstraße 19“ and registers the company under the name „Galerie Nierendorf“. Up to now the gallery is located in this house.